Invest Bitcoins 100% anonymous Earn up to 85% on single option
Over 90 assets
How do I make money with BitPlutos?

It is simple:

1. Select an asset you want to trade with, for example Bitcoin/CNY.
2. Decide whether the asset price will go UP (click CALL) or DOWN (click PUT).
3. Choose an expiry time that suits you best (from 30 secs up to 1 year).
4. Sell the position before the expiry to save money if you think that it will be unsuccessful, or wait until it expires to earn up to 85% per trade.
5. Cash out your profits anonymously.

In that way, you can earn even if the rate of Bitcoin drops!

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The Simplicity

Binary options, also called digital options, were created in mid-2008.
The simplicity of binary options makes them understandable to everyone,
even to beginner investors.


Bitcoin was created in early 2009 as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash
system.” Now, it has grown to be known worldwide.


The BitPlutos platform is the first one to combine Bitcoin and Binary
Options trading. You can make profits, even when the rate drops. It is
fully/partially anonymous, depending on your account type.


– payouts up to 90% on regular Binary Options
– 24/7 multilingual support
– instant withdrawals, no KYC for Bitcoin
– buy Bitcoin with Skrill/Neteller/Credit Card with no fees
– Introducing Brokers to help you trade
– welcome bonus, exchange bonus, No Risk trades
– Ipad/Iphone/Macbook for VIPs

The best option for 24/7 trading

Our platform offers you more than 90 traded financial assets into which you can invest. Anyone can now become a successful trader, even with just a small deposit.

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Binary Options are the simplest way to trade the market

You don’t need any financial experience to trade binary options, as it’s just a matter of predicting whether a price will rise or fall by the expiry time.

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Register and start trading now

Choose account type. Check out advantages of anonymous account.

Opening a regular account will enable you to deposit and withdraw your funds in one of the popular currencies (Eur, USD, GBP, PLN, RUB, ZAR) via Skrill/Neteller/Wire/Credit Card. Your account is partly anonymous then as we have to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure upon withdrawing. This means that your account will have to be verified by the BitPlutos Finance Department. Due to that, the withdrawal process can take up to 7 days.

Opening an anonymous account in Bitcoin currency will enable you to deposit and withdraw your funds only in Bitcoin (BTC) via your Bitcoin wallet (however, VIPs are not restricted by that as they can also deposit/withdraw to Skrill/Neteller/Wire/Credit Card). Your account is fully anonymous then and we don't perform KYC procedure upon withdrawing. This means that your account will NOT be verified by the BitPlutos Finance Department. Also, the withdrawals are instant as we only need to confirm a Bitcoin wallet address you want to withdraw your Bitcoin to.

Remember: you cannot change your account's currency after you have deposited. It can only be done before you deposit by BitPlutos Support team.

Do you invest mobile?

Bitplutos Trading App is available FREE on iTunes and Google Play

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