Bitcoin compendium

How to exchange Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are gaining popularity and today are bought, sold and exchanged very often. On the internet you can find plenty of sites dedicated to transactions with bitcoins, which allow to make high-speed transactions with users from around the world – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Where to buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are increasingly popular – they are used not only as a mean of investment because their value has been recently growing significantly, but also are used for many online payments. Therefore, very often you can meet up with questions – where to buy bitcoins? If you also wonder, our guide will help you in finding the best deals that are fast, safe and comfortable.

Satoshi Nakamoto

We think every person who had to deal with Bitcoin, also heard Satoshi Nakamoto. He is considered the father of this popular cryptocurrency, which is available today worldwide. But no one really knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto, and maybe even there are a few people who are hiding under the pseudonym. Nakamoto is associated with it is the story of Bitcoin, which changed the ways of modern finance and became something entirely new in the stagnant reality. So what you should know about Satoshi Nakamoto?

What is bitcoin mining?

If you want to become an owner of bitcoins, in this case, there are plenty of methods to get them. The easiest solution is to buy this kind of virtual currency, but also it can be obtained in many other ways. One of them is the bitcoin mining, which has attracted considerable interest over the years. What is Bitcoin mining? When you use this method of obtaining bitcoins? Who be the beneficent and profit the most? If also you are interested in this kind of getting bitcoins, before you start, you should check out our tips to find the best solution for yourself.

What is an online wallet?

We keep money in our wallets. Similarly, bitcoins are stored in a wallet, only that in this case the wallet is slightly different than usual. Anyone planning to start investing in BTC or when he wants to use this virtual currency as a fast, convenient and additionally anonymous payment methods, in such a situation he must open his own digital wallet for storing virtual currency.

How to invest bitcoins?

Today, many people are interested in bitcoins and want to know how you can invest in bitcoin. This virtual currency is also a method for big profits, since owners in recent years have gained a lot, because BTC has increased significantly in value. Today, the interest in this kind of investment is very high, which means that there is a plurality of new services allowing you the multiplication of money of that type. Of course, like other methods of investment, you have to remember that this one also has its drawbacks – the risk of loss of funds is very real and you may find that a wrong decision made will mean a considerable loss of your money.

How and where to trade bitcoins?

With Bitcoin you can now pay in more and more places, not only in stores. You can also earn a lot, treating it as an investment. Purchase and sale of bitcoins requires admittedly a little effort, but you can also do it entirely through the internet, although there are also methods for payment in cash. If you are a novice person, we are sure that you’re wondering also how and where to trade bitcoins? Here you can also take advantage of several solutions and adapt them to suit your needs in this respect.

How to earn Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is now one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which in recent years has increased significantly in value. This is an international currency, which is all the time more used as well as has growing importance. It is built through very complicated cryptographic principles and is not controlled by any administration.

How can I buy bitcoins with cash?

Nowadays there are many ways to purchase bitcoins – not only can you find them on the Internet, but they are also available for cash in certain countries, towns and places, so this option is available only for some people. If you also ask yourself, how can I buy bitcoins with cash, check that with us and choose the way that suits you most.

Do you invest mobile?

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