Bitplutos in the Media

There is no other binary options platform like bitplutos. Launching the platform in May 2014 was truly a new experience to the bitcoin community. Running exclusively on bitcoins, offering full anonymity to investors, with instant withdrawals and no restrictions to bitcoin-related assets, our platform has been widely acclaimed both by the end-users and the bitcoin media. Many investors trading crypto have found our trading tools extremely appealing and have been with us ever since. But they are not to blame – 75% profit per trade is a bliss. With the state-of-the-art software powered by SpotOption, bitplutos platform excells in providing the best ever trading experience – our risk management tools along with a qualified staff of trading professionals will guarantee your constant revenues.

Finance Magnates

“A recent addition to SpotOption’s lists of features is the ability for end-user binary options customers to have bitcoin denominated accounts. With it, trade sizes and payouts become denominated in binary options instead of the typical US dollar, euro, British pound or Japanese yen.

Becoming the first broker to offer customers binary options trading with a bitcoin denominated account is Montenegro registered BitPlutos. In addition to bitcoin-based trading, BitPlutos also supports the virtual currency for deposits and withdrawals. Along with bitcoins, customers issue deposits and withdrawals with fiat currency using Neteller, Skrill or bank transfers, which are converted to and from bitcoins for the funding.[…]“ (read full article)


“[…]BitPlutos runs on Bitcoin, so it is only natural for traders like you to experience anonymity on its platform. Those who register with a valid email address and a password will be able to trade binary options in full privacy. This also means that all payment transactions will be completed from the user’s Bitcoin wallet address and to that of the site, and vice versa.
However, Bitcoin binary broker provides more options by allowing traders to register in partial anonymity. There are extra benefits when you opt to share your personal details, and it includes being able to withdraw investments into your desired bank account, to access professional trainings and trading tips, and to receive help from your account manager around the clock.
Anonymous traders cannot enjoy these incentives, so it boils down to your preferences in terms of trading binary options with Bitcoin online.[…]” (read full article)

“[…] As for me, my choice was Bitplutos. But why did I choose Bitplutos? Because it was part of my strategy since Bitplutos offers a 100% bonus for new depositors plus no risk trading. Besides, allowing users to use an anonymous account, Bitplutos also had some other features that could help me stay on track such as: doubling your winnings with “Double-Up” options which can be used when predictions are correct; the selling option which allows traders to sell their position at any time with the “Sell” button (very useful feature to minimize losses); prolonging an opened position to another expiry time with the “Roll-over” feature.

You can open an account and start practicing binary options trading right away with the Bitplutos demo platform with no risks involved (however, you need to become an investor first). Bitplutos platform guarantees full or partial anonymity (it’s completely up to you), fixed returns on your investments, great risk management tools, 24/7 professional support that will teach you how to invest successfully, and much more.[…]” (read full article)

cointelegraph“[…]CT: Why binary Options instead of Forex trading?

DC: Binary options are simpler, more user-friendly and profound financial expertise and experience is not required. For example, in binary options trading, the payouts are predefined, the price you pay for the option is clearly set, the expiration times are known in advance. That is non-existent in Forex.

Also, Forex features leverage and spread, which you will not find in BO trading. All they have in common is that you have to predict the direction the asset price is going to follow. Some might say that in Forex you are free to control your trading by using STOP LOSS/TAKE PROFIT tools and in BO trading you are not. That is completely untrue since you are allowed to sell your option at almost any time or prolong your expiry time to your advantage. All in all, binary options trading has a clear edge here.

CT: What do Binary Options offer to the Bitcoin world?

DC: An alternative to trade bitcoin with much higher profits and a clear chance to take advantage of bitcoin-based assets volatility and predictability.[…]“ (read full article)

Inside Bitcoins

insidebitcoins“[…]Bitcoinist – When did BitPlutos started its operations? Can you talk about the company’s history?

Damian – Our platform as a new brand has been launched in May 2015, but our history has been going on for years. We are owned by Exclusive Limited, a financial tycoon in the binary options world that also owns a couple of other brands like eXbino, eXbinoG, and eXbinoL. Those brands have been around for 4-5 years now (apart from eXbinoL which is also a new one). We pride ourselves on flawless online reputation, our liability is very stable, and our position in the industry stands strong. Obviously, we are regulated – our company is registered and licensed by the laws of Montenegro.[…]“ (read full article)