Introducing Broker

Use our Introducing Broker to grow your Bitcoin

Are you afraid of losing your money? Do you think your trading experience is insufficient to make profits? Can you not make time to trade yourself? Use one of our Introducing Brokers to trade for you!

Benefits of hiring a Bitplutos IB:

  • your money is managed by a well-trained and experienced professional
  • they work for you, not for a broker, as they only earn a commission if they make profits for you
  • they charge you just 10% of your profits (subject to negotiation, though)
  • profits settlement is every 2 or 4 weeks
  • real-time monitoring and reporting
  • get started in a few days
  • real profits usually after 1-3 months (depending on your goals)
  • they save you the time and money you would spend on learning or early losses
  • the minimum deposit to start is ONLY 10 BTC (which also earns VIP status and a 100% bonus)

If you are ready to entrust your funds to a Pro and collect your profits just after a few months, do not waste your time anymore. Contact us today at: [email protected] to talk specifics. For more info about our services go to the Terms and Conditions section.