The Ladder is a trading tool that allows the trader to make multiple predictions on a particular asset and expiry time while analyzing the corresponding payouts and profits. As opposed to classic Binary Trading (choose, analyze, invest), with the Ladder, a trader can select multiple options for the same expiry time that are deep “in the money” to gain a few percentage points in a “safer manner” or choose an option that is “out of the money” to gain a potential return that can reach up to 1500%.

The investment amounts range from 0.01 to 1 BTC.

A trader gets a range of price levels, which are lined at equal intervals, just like a ladder. The trader assesses whether the underlying asset price will close above or below the pre-determined price level at the expiration time. Ladder Trading can also be defined as “Target.” The trader has pre-determined target levels, for which he or she will assess whether the target will be fulfilled by the expiration time.

To exit from a trade early, the trader just presses the button Sell. Ladder offers the trader a price to close the position early, based on a statistical matrix that calculates option trading rules, time to expiry, market volatility, and target price. The selling position is available up to 5 minutes before the presented expiry time. The price to close the position early is offered in a 3-second window. Approving will sell the option,  andcancelling will keep the position with the trader.

The Ladder enables the client to:
– predict if the rate will be above or below a specific rate, entitling customers to corresponding payouts
– profit from market volatility
– benefit from classic UP/DOWN trading
– have several predictions on the same asset
– earn various payouts, depending on the risk for the specific asset